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Portable screens

Portable screens are essential for all your events and screen rentals.

Their projection surface is attached with snap fasteners to guarantee the fabric tension.
They have clip hinges to ensure quick and easy set-up.
They are delivered with a flight-case (or multiple cases for the NOMADDICT 2 screen due to its larger size) in robust and very light ABS, equipped with transport rolls. Once the screen has been unmounted, it can be stored in a portable suitcase.
All of this allows these screens to display large images, makes them simple to set up and easy to move.

Included in this high-quality range is the NOMADDICT 1 mobile fixed frame screen. It is perfect for most temporary facilities.
The NOMADDICT 2 screen is a more rigid version, suited to larger dimensions, thanks to its double reinforced frame.

Protection screens can be sold separately with their protective cover.