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Tripod screens

Used worldwide, including in institutional and professional settings, as well as for individual use, it is ideal if you travel frequently or if you do not want to clutter your living space by storing it after use.
The tripod screen, which is the best-known market screen, is perfectly adapted to your mobility needs and durability expectations.
And for good reason, its benefits are many: space-saving, opened and closed in the blink of an eye, and transportable with its cover. And finally, no installation restrictions.

From this range, you may choose between:

  • STYLE screen: the strongest of the market with different types of feet offered (tripod or star foot) and a M1 non fire classified projection surface
  • BYRON 2 screen: specially made for continuous use and appropriate for small and medium-sized rooms
  • And finally, SCREEN: intended for private use due to its resistance, its small size and ease of implementation

Robustness and ease of implementation make this range the ideal compromise for any services that do not require a fixed installation.