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ORAY products

Simply imagine and choose the screen which will be the best adapted to your environment and to your projects: electric screens, manual screens, mobile screens, custom-made, etc. Whether they are intended for a personal or professional project, for the Organization of events, there will certainly be screen adapted to your needs.

From design to marketing, through manufacturing, ORAY puts at your service its know-how to deliver high-quality innovative screens, with the best value for money.
Acting in favour of sustainable development, we want our screens to reduce their environmental impact while improving their recyclability, thanks to an ecodesign process.

To complete your selection in the interest of full optimization, we invite you to discover our accessories.
Regardless of the type of screen, whether for front projection or retro-projection, get the best for your projector using our wide range of ORAY projection surfaces.
Likewise, choose the supports to hang your projectors and flat screens and optimize your viewing comfort and harmonize your space.

Finally, ORAY designs and distributes its own chairs through our Burgundian company VARIATION-EVERSTYL.
Enjoy each movie session with our customizable chairs to make unforgettable memories.

Recognized and appreciated around the world since 1947, notably as a specialist of large dimensions screens, our company works continuously to give satisfaction to its customers. Ready to be a happy client?