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Manual screens

The manual ORAY screen offer undeniable quality for the price..
Beyond their interesting prices, they can project up to 2m40 base.

In this category of products, you will find our high-quality SUPER GEAR screen.
It is a concentrate of technology: combining the Speed Solo system and sliding fasteners for easy implementation and a SRS (Slow Return System) device controlling the progressive rise of the weight bar.

ORAY 2000 projection screen is the least expensive of its range, which does not affect its quality.

Both offer the possibility to stop the screen at different heights.
You can choose to place them on the wall or on the ceiling.
And by selecting additional accessories, you can also simply offset them from the wall.
These two models are also available in a HC version (with occulting and black framing projection surface), or in a pro version, with a non-fire class matt white M1 projection screen.

The most difficult part is to make your choice.