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An immersive experience
Ecran de projection - DBOX

ORAY now offers turnkey solutions of D-BOX motion chairs!

D-BOX is the pioneer and world leader in cinematic motion created specifically for the movie theatre industry.
Today the company ORAY offers you Home Cinema seats equipped with this advanced immersive technology, thanks to a privileged partnership with D-BOX.

Don’t watch your movies anymore. Live them.

Thanks to the D-BOX HaptiSync hub (motion controller) and ORAY D-BOX enabled seats, viewers can enjoy the most amazing and realistic cinematic motion for any content having D-BOX motion codes.
Regardless of the content source (DVD, Blu-ray™ or streaming sources, such as Netflix™, Hulu™ and AppleTV™), the HaptiSunc hub simply recognizes and transmits the motion codes to the seats.

Ecran de projection - DBOX

Feel it all

ORAY offers you a unique experience of triaxial movement.

The 3 axis :

  • up/down
  • left/right tilt
  • front/rear tilt

Ecran de projection - DBOX


ZOOM and TRAVELLING with twin-motor can be equipped with D-BOX system.
Several configurations are possible up to 3 places.
Maximum load: 120 kg per seat.