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From completely transparent to deep black.

The widest and most specialized range of projection film.

As a standard, we offer two types of adhesive film

Ecran de projection - ADWINDOW


New generation dry adhesive. Stick, unstick 100%.
Only needs water to stick - no glue, no chemical adhesives and no solvents.
Can be stuck, unstuck, stuck back, again and again…
Can also remain stuck for years.
KITAPON can be stuck in a few seconds and can be reused in another place.
Excellent price/performance ratio.
Avoid problems caused by conventional adhesives (bubbles, wrong position...).
Need to change its place, to remove it because the adhesive surface was not perfectly clean and imperfections remain?Peel it off and restick it easily.

  • Thickness: 300 microns
  • KITAPON is highly resistant
  • It can be rolled, stored, and cut to size
  • Available individually or in rolls of 5 to 25m (120 or 140cm long)

Ecran de projection - ADWINDOW


Acrylic standard acrylic adhesive designed for permanent installation.
Projection film with ultra-strong adhesive.
The new generation of STIKI films includes antireflection, anti-graffiti, anti-scratch finishes that allow use in outdoor and public places.

  • Thickness: 120 microns
  • Can be cut to size
  • Available individually or in rolls of 5 à 25m (120 or 150cm large)


4 standard versions

Ecran de projection - ADWINDOW


  • Permanent (STIKI) or repositionable adhesive (KITAPON)
  • 2 widths available (122 or 152cm)
  • 2-in-1 product: projection screen and erasable white board
  • Easy installation on all surfaces
  • Suitable for interactive projectors
Ecran de projection - ADWINDOW


  • Permanent adhesive (STIKI)
  • Retroprojection
  • Anti-reflection
  • Anti-scratch
  • Very high contrast
  • High ambient brightness
  • Outdoor installation option
Ecran de projection - ADWINDOW


  • Permanent (STIKI) or repositionnable adhesive (KITAPON)
  • Rear-projection
  • Highly diffusing
  • No hot spots
  • Edge blending
  • Indoor installation
Ecran de projection - ADWINDOW


  • Permanent (STIKI) or repositionnable adhesive (KITAPON)
  • Rear-projection
  • Highly transparent (>90%)
  • Holografic effect
  • Indoor installation

Create your own made-to-measure projection film

  1. Type of film
    • Black contrast (black film)
    • Dark contrast (dark grey film)́
    • Contrast (grey film)
    • Shortthrow (light grey film)
    • Front (very clear grey film)
    • Luminosity (white film)
    • Holo G (transparent film)
    • Dippo (poster displayed during the day, video screen at night)
  2. Type of adhesive
    • STIKI
      Permanent film
      Ultra strong adhesive
      Re-usable film
  3. Finishes
    • SHOWI
      Antireflection, Anti-scratch
    • MIRROR
      Mirror effect
      Semi-reflective coating for Retroprojection films
      Enhanced contrast coating

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. This product is also available in other models.