ORAY Products

Electric screens

The excellent cost-effectiveness of the ORAY electric screens as well as the extensive choice of the range and the various options offered are well recognized and appreciated.

  • Several choices of remote control,
  • 4 image formats: square, 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10,
  • Several choices of high quality screen projection surfaces,
  • Casings with different sizes and colors,
  • Manufacturing of specific formats with some screens.

Actor for sustainable development, ORAY manufactures fabrics that are wholly recyclable and their new products such as Orion are subject to an eco-design.

Manual screens

With these screens you will find and economical solution of quality for all your projections up to 2 m 40 base.
You will be able to mount them on the ceiling or on the wall. There are also some brackets available that will allow you to mount your screen off the wall.
Our new top-of-the-range manual screen, Super Gear, is equipped with the Speed solo mounting system.

Mobile and tripod screens

We are now introducing a range that is both aesthetic and original and that meets your traveling constraints. Easy to set up, these screens are available in different formats.
Always more compact, the Butterfly Mobile is certainly the screen that opens up the most quickly of the market. Ideal for rental or private use.

The tripod screens remain the blockbuster products for the institutional market and the general public.
From the Style, the most robust tripod screen on the market, to the Screen more catered for the general public, this range meets your needs for mobility and resistance.

Framed screens

These screens meet all your requirements.
Aesthetics and recessing features, flat surfaces and robustness, for all the HC professional and institutional markets.
Easy to install, the aluminum frames come with a projection surface fixed with snap buttons thus making mounting and demounting easy.
No matter what your architectural constraints are, we are at your disposal for made to measure manufacturing and specific mounting devices.
We can also produce arched frames.

Flight-case screens

This range is invaluable when you are travelling.
Indeed, the light weight products will not be a burden when you are carrying them around. Their snap buttons make them easy to mount and clip hinges are included so that no tools are needed. Their light weight does not have an impact on their robustness. You can fix them on a stand or on the wall.
These screens are perfect for renting and event organizing.

Projection surfaces

Rich of an experience of more than 60 years, the company ORAY develops its own projection surfaces.
The research and development department keeps a constant technological watch on projection technologies in order to ensure the optical and mechanical qualities needed for the evolution of the projection material.
For flexible or rigid screens, each surface has been selected without compromise in order to optimize as much as possible your projector.
You will find a large range of surfaces for front or rear projection, designed for all areas of the projection market:
cinema, home cinema, PLV, dynamic display, slide presentations, simulations, video, ...

Stands and accessories

Our range of electric stands for video projectors and flat screens offer a solution of recessed installations and a range of fixed stands adapted to the installation constraints.


With several years now of strong experience in the Home Cinema and upmarket conference room fittings, ORAY has been developing a full range of armchairs.

Their level of comfort, the variety of finish options and the manufacturing quality will bring the “Haute couture” touch to your setting.